Bestica Inc. Seaport-E.

Bestica was founded over a decade ago as a service-oriented consulting and staffing provider. It is an 8(a)-certified small disadvantaged business (SDB) under $15M. Bestica has a national presence having provided solutions and expertise to government agencies and FORTUNE 500 companies on both coasts with our corporate headquarters located in San Antonio, Texas. Federal government clients include the Air Force, National Security Administration, the Georgia Army National Guard, and the Department of the Navy. Bestica is consistent in its performance of related IT and Engineering Technical Support; Human Factors, Performance and Usability Engineering Support; and Program Support (Factors 6, 8, and 20).

Bestica has four full-time recruiters who have a combined 50 years’ experience in recruiting. This is a strong advantage for the Department of the Navy as they seek organizations to perform requirements under Seaport-e. Bestica can source and fill unexpected vacancies with superior / qualified candidates with short notice. Further, their expertise in candidate sourcing and recruiting have enabled Bestica to maintain a successful past performance history, resulting in retention and sustainment of existing contract business as well as gain new customers.

Having already served or offered support to our federal clients on similar contracts, Bestica will demonstrate our dedication to providing qualified professionals possessing an in-depth knowledge of all guidelines of general procedures, regulations, and directives pertaining to information to the factors under Seaport-e.

We are committed to providing superior support, open communications and exemplary service to our customers, our clients, our employees and our community. Bestica has the primary goal in mind of providing the best solution by bringing together the capabilities of Bestica in consulting, services and staffing.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control Plan: Bestica’s commitment to quality management and control is based on the principles and concepts of an ISO 9001:2008 approach. We develop or improve upon existing repeatable processes for each task and activity with defined procedures, standards, and quality checks to ensure project performance standards and objectives are met. Bestica defines quality control activities as those functions integrated into ongoing project and support activities to ensure work is being performed in an accurate, timely, responsive manner emphasizing customer service and compliance with Seaport-e contract requirements.

Quality Control (QC) Manager: The Bestica Quality Management System is the responsibility of the President and CEO, Harvinder Singh. He will be responsible for overseeing overall implementation of Quality Control Plan. He may also appoint a Quality Control (QC) Manager to coordinate all project testing, inspections and reporting matters directly with the Project Manager.

Quality Control Plan (QCP) Management: The contractor shall provide and maintain a current QCP, which shall ensure the requirements of the contract are provided as specified. One copy of the QCP shall be provided to the Contracting Officer (CO) as part of the technical proposal. The QCP shall be considered acceptable and approved unless the contractor is notified by the CO within 30 days following contract award.

Quality Meetings:The contractor may request a meeting with the CO when he or she believes such a meeting is necessary. Meetings The CO may require the contractor to meet with the CO, contract administrator (CA), COR, and other government personnel as deemed necessary.

Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Planning: Risk mitigation planning is the process of developing options and actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to project objectives. Risk mitigation implementation is the process of executing risk mitigation actions. Risk mitigation progress monitoring includes tracking identified risks, identifying new risks, and evaluating risk process effectiveness throughout the project.

Bestica Roles & Expectations: Bestica employees working on government programs develop actionable risk mitigation strategies and monitoring metrics, monitor implementation of risk mitigation plans to ensure successful project and program completion, collaborate with the government team in conducting risk reviews across projects and programs, and analyze metrics to determine ongoing risk status and identify serious risks to elevate to the sponsor or customer.

Background: Risk mitigation planning, implementation, and progress monitoring are depicted in above figure. As part of an iterative process, Bestica’s risk tracking tool is used to record the results of risk prioritization analysis (step 3) that provides input to both risk mitigation (step 4) and risk impact assessment (step 2).

The risk mitigation step involves development of mitigation plans designed to manage, eliminate, or reduce risk to an acceptable level. Once a plan is implemented, it is continually monitored to assess its efficacy with the intent of revising the course-of-action if needed.

Risk Mitigation Strategies: General guidelines for applying risk mitigation handling options are shown in Figure 2. These options are based on the assessed combination of the probability of occurrence and severity of the consequence for an identified risk. These guidelines are appropriate for many, but not all, projects and programs.

Risk mitigation handling options include: Assume/Accept: Acknowledge the existence of a particular risk, and make a deliberate decision to accept it without engaging in special efforts to control it. Approval of project or program leaders is required.

Avoid: Adjust program requirements or constraints to eliminate or reduce the risk. This adjustment could be accommodated by a change in funding, schedule, or technical requirements.

Control: Implement actions to minimize the impact or likelihood of the risk.

Transfer: Reassign organizational accountability, responsibility, and authority to another stakeholder willing to accept the risk.

Watch/Monitor: Monitor the environment for changes that affect the nature and/or the impact of the risk.

Each of these options requires developing a plan that is implemented and monitored for effectiveness.

Bestica's management team monitors and oversees the following activities, essential to the Seaport-e mission. As part of management oversight process, Bestica will seek to investigate and resolve any complaint or issue with professionalism and respect.

Corrective and Preventive Action: Corrective action addresses identification of the Root Cause of deficiencies and defines critical steps needed to achieve compliance with the performance objectives. All Work is a Process and as such all processes require clear definition and documentation to ensure clear execution and standardization.Should any performance objective fail to meet the threshold standards, the Quality Manager shall:

1. Document the finding.
2. Determine and Document Root Cause of Deficiency and Process Failure through KAIZEN
3. Notify the COR
4. Prepare corrective action plan with performance metrics (KPIs) and implementation schedule
5. Receive approval for implementation from the COR
6. Implement corrective action measures
7. Re-assess performance objective / Document KPIs / Post results and Track Trends
8. Report results to COR for close-out of corrective action
9. If necessary, modify assessment methods; update documented processes and/or timeframe in this QC plan, with COR approval

Preventive action is achieved through a review of the processes and procedures that are in place to assure they are complete and will be effective in meeting the performance objectives. Preventive actions may include the development of additional Quality Control assessment methods.

Task Order


Team Members

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Wiikno is a privately held service disabled vetern owned small business headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in San Antonio, TX and Rockville,Maryland. Our team has extensive domain experience, providing design leadership while utilizing best practices. With the clients i the federal government space, we are committed to the highest level of integrity, and quality of execution in providing secure solutions, which meet the rigorous requirements of today's hypercritical cybersphere.

Services Experience

Past Performance Contracts For Bestica

Contract Number: Category: Functional Areas:
N00178-16-D-8604 SeaPort Enhanced 6: Software Engineering,Development,Programming,and Network Support
8: Human Factors,Performance, and Usability Engineering Support
20: Program Support
W9124J-13-C-0018 Department of the Army 20
IBM14F0011 U.S. International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) 6
W9124J-15-C-0044 Department of the Army 6,20

Past Performance Contracts For Bestica

Contract Number: Category: Functional Areas:
N00024-01-D-7012 SeaPort I 6,8,20
N00178-04-D-4066 SeaPort Enhanced 6,8,20
N00178-04-D-4073 SeaPort Enhanced 6,8,20

Past Performance Contracts for WiiKno

Contract Number: Category: Functional Areas:
GS00Q09BGD0056 GSA Alliant 6,20
GST10011AJ0025 GSA Alliant 6,20


Administration Point of Contact

Harvinder Singh
President & CEO
Bestica Inc | 3463 Magic Drive, Suite 303 | San Antonio, TX 78229
Work: 210.614.4198, Ext: 200 | Fax: 210.399.0694 | Cell: 201.884-1311 |

Technical Point of Contact

Ramesh Jhamnani
VP of Operations and Strategic Initiatives
Bestica Inc | 3463 Magic Drive, Suite 303 | San Antonio, TX 78229
Work: 210.614.4198, Ext: 208 | Fax: 210.399.0694 | Cell: 201.264.6479 |


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