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Harvinder Singh founded Bestica in 2005 because user experience design was evolving into a necessity for businesses and organizations around the world. A wide gap in the industry persisted from a talent perspective, because recruiting agencies didn’t understand the emerging facets of UX design or know what to look for in candidates. Companies everywhere sought bright designers with experience and vision, and Singh launched Bestica to facilitate those connections.

Shortly after its launch, Bestica expanded its services from Fortune 500 companies to the U.S. federal government. Today, we engage with numerous government organizations, having earned a reputation for meeting their needs in accordance with federal codes and budgets. Bestica understands the importance of streamlined contract jobs or finding qualified personnel with the right security clearance and experience.

By working in the niche of UX design, instead of trying to handle a broad range of needs, Bestica focuses on what it does best: putting UX design professionals to work at companies where they belong.

Our Story

Meet Bestica

Meet Bestica

The world of design and development is changing. At the intersection of user experience design and IT support is Bestica – the nation’s leading UX design firm and government contracting company. Bestica is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with a recruiting team that represents over 45 years of combined experience in technical, design and development fields. Our knowledge is diverse – just like the businesses we serve and the consultants we represent. What’s the secret to being a cutting-edge talent resource? We take the time to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients, while investing in a dynamic roster of experienced candidates. That’s what people expect from the best – and it’s what Bestica delivers.

Our Mission

Transforming lives, careers, and businesses. It's why we are Bestica.

Letter From CEO

Letter From CEO

I founded Bestica with the goal of created a well-designed, highly trained team that empowers companies by matching them to the best candidates in their industry. The idea of facilitating this win-win situation brought me great happiness, because I’ve always found that the highest level of innovation and creativity comes when companies and employees are excited about working together. It’s the kind of match that benefits the whole world.Our customer’s success is our success, and we’ll continue connecting our candidates and companies to create a flawless match. At the same time, our work is never done. To remain one of the nation’s leading firms, we stay true to our mission statement and values in the way we run our business, train our staff, and talk about our corporate goals. That mission statement is:

“To serve as a partner by finding “the best of the best” in user experience design and information technology, and then place this world class talent at world class companies.”

Bestica wants to be your partner – whether that’s in IT consulting or Government services or your job search. We’re ready to show you what it’s like to work with the best.

Harvinder Singh
Bestica Inc. CEO

If you’re seeking streamlined solutions for your Government projects, we have the experience and capabilities to accomplish them. We invite you to contact us and start the conversation about your project needs.

If you’re having IT troubles or seeking specific IT consulting for your business, we encourage you tell call us to discuss how we can help.

If you’re a UX design professional looking for new opportunities, we want to met you! Send us your resume today. Or if you’re seeking quality US designers, tell us about your project and our team will gather the right candidates for you.

UX Conversation

"UX Conversations" is a webinar series with a focus on User Experience (UX) professionals talking about the latest advancements in their field as well as the ever-changing landscape of what it means to work in UX/UI. We all have different opinions and definitions of what a UX professional focuses on, but we can all agree that, with the way things are advancing, all things are up for conversation. Join us as we spark the conversation and hopefully produce a more unified community of UX professionals.
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